Lots of smartphone users believe camera performance is an important factor of their phones. Marketing demands increase year by year and require more advanced functions including dual lens, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and background bokeh as if taken by digital single‐lens reflex cameras.​
Acutelogic technology supports smartphones’ higher quality images.​​


Auto Exposure (AE)
Optimizes exposure when shooting, based on object’s composition, contrast, colors, etc.
Auto White Balance (AWB)
Optimizes image’s color reproduction.
Auto Focus (AF)
Quickly focuses on an object even if its distance is changed.
Lens Shading Correction (LSC)
Appropriately corrects luminance shading and color shading.
Real Time High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Expands the light intensities range of an image (dynamic range) in real time.
Multi Axis Color Adjustment Software (MCAS)
Adjusts hue and saturation of specified areas without influencing on the other areas.
Single Lens Refocus (SLR)
Generates back ground bokeh with single lens.
Package solution of Acutelogic AE, AWB, and LSC.