Auto White Balance (AWB)​

1. To accurate colors​

Optimizes white balance and color calibration for each standard light source, following quantitative evaluation of color chart.​

2. To natural colors

Prevents color defects and corrects to more natural colors, even in some scenes such as human skin and green grass, which often cause color defects.​​​​

Example 1: Human skin​​
Example 2: Green grass​

3. To preferred colors​

Adjusts color tuning for each scene, and realizes preferred white balance.​

Example 1: High CCT scene of shading​
Only tune high CCT part.
Example 2: Low CCT scene of bulb​
Only tune low CCT part.

4. Dual LED flash control*​​

Combination of AE and AWB controls dual LED flash, and mainly make the LED color closer to background’s light source color. This reduces light source color difference between object and background, and optimizes brightness and color.​

* Patented: JP5849150 (B1)​

Acutelogic Interblended Auto Image Strategy (AIS)​

AIS, a package solution of following software is also available.​